Gift of gab – the ability to speak in a persuasive and interesting way – can actually be a curse.

People say I come on too strong, that I am outspoken, frank, and tactless, that most of the time I either intimidate someone or irritate someone. I say, I’m just straight, candid, and sincere.

Nonetheless, I tried to tone down and filter the things I say, although admittedly, there are those constant word vomits, but I try, I really try.

For a certain time, I tried to hold back on voicing out what I feel, what I think, regarding random matters, issues, and people.

I try to be the bigger person and just give a nod, a smile, a slight giggle, and almost, seemingly, acting stupid.

However, recently, while having a great time with friends, I was singled out by someone when he called my attention and pointed out, yet again, my strong personality. I felt I was attacked, but I politely answered, “I get that a lot but I’m not aware, I believe I am nice”.

After that night, I tried to look back on the things I might have said that triggered him. But it kept me wandering, clueless.

Also, it really made me think that no matter how hard I try to control myself, I always end up being noticed, is there something wrong with being confident(?) oh yeah, I know the difference between that and a show off. I don’t brag, I just share, I don’t criticize, I just advise.

And so I decided, I will no longer keep my flair from burning just not to intimidate people or outshine anyone. As they say, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I have an opinion, a rational one. I have a voice, a big one. I embrace my, if ever it is, curse.

I cease to be SSHHH’d. Hence — TROUTY MOUTH.


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